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After a chat on the phone or an email exchange an initial appointment would then usually follow. This gives an opportunity for you to tell me a bit more about what is happening for you and what you are aware of about the need for therapy at this time. It also gives you a sense of me and how I work and to be able to ask me any questions that you may have about my training, experience and how therapy works. At the end of this session I will let you know whether I feel I can offer you what you need and if not make other suggestions. You may wish to consider whether I am the most appropriate person to work with you and get back to me about whether you would like to continue.Alchemy, Counselling, psychotherapy, couples counselling, supervision, wild therapy and workshops for individuals, couples and groups

Once we agree to work together, therapy is usually weekly (sometimes more often if needed) at a time we both agree on. This time is then considered yours until we decide it is time to stop. I will usually suggest a review at 6 weeks to check how things are going and if it feels right to continue. Therapy may be short or long term depending on what is needed. Sessions are usually 50 minutes long or 60 minutes for couples.
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