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Who and what is Alchemy?

Alchemy offers a therapeutic service that includes Counselling, Psychotherapy, Couples Counselling, Supervision and workshops for individuals, couples and groups.

It is run by Fiona Hancock who is based in Hastings. Short and long-term, focussed and in-depth work is available.

Alchemy is all about transformation - literally of base metal into gold. Symbolically this can be thought of as entering into what may feel like a dark place where unwanted and difficult feelings reside, maybe long abandoned parts of us lie in the dirt. Alchemy for Counselling, psychotherapy, couples counselling, supervision and workshops for individuals, couples and groups

We may not even be aware they are in there. Through choosing to make a journey within, which may be both scary and exciting, discovery and recovery of our worth and meaning, our gold may be achieved.

"One must have chaos in one
to give birth to a dancing star".

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Who and what is Alchemy?
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