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Why come?

At various points in our life we all face times of difficulty or confusion. We may have an idea of what's causing this but it can also feel mystifying. It may be current circumstances like relationship difficulties, work stress or bereavement; it could be past issues that lie unresolved. We can feel lost, stuck, caught in a pattern, at a crossroads or in a crisis. Low self-esteem or lack of confidence may be interfering with our lives. We may feel taken over by particular emotions of sadness, jealousy, anger or anxiety. Our relationship to alcohol, drugs, food or sex may feel out of balance or linked to certain emotions. Maybe your body finds ways to express things you are not yet able to process or communicate in other ways. Our true nature is to express freely, though we have had to protect and thus contract in our bodies. Our instincts and relating then send mixed messages and impulses. Through looking at our relationship to our own bodies and in a safe environment through the therapeutic relationship, some of this can be untangled.

We know life could be lived more fully, better managed; relationships could be more satisfying including those with ourselves. And maybe something else is calling from deep within us that wants to be heard. Untapped qualities and skills, unexpressed parts that have not yet had what they need to emerge may be being felt.

Counselling and Psychotherapy provide a place in which any concerns and difficulties you are having can be discussed in a confidential and safe setting separate from friends and family. It provides space to attend to what is happening and untangle all the strands involved. Gradually clarity and awareness may be brought to bear and space for the new, creative and unexpected to emerge. This can feel both a scary and exciting process.

I will use my experience and skills to accompany you on this journey. I will be very attentive to what you are saying and also not saying. I will adapt to what you need and can offer different approaches and techniques depending on what is required at each stage or for each person.

"The Intuitive Mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and forgotten the gift". Einstein

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