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My way of working and philosophy
My counselling, psychotherapy and supervision work combine transpersonal, psychodynamic, humanistic, gestalt and other influences. I have experience of working with people from a broad range of backgrounds and cultures.

I will use my experience and skills to accompany you on this journey in a respectful manner. I come from a belief of there being 'nothing wrong with you'. Having trained and studied a wide range of approaches I will adapt to what you need offering different things at different times. I may use a variety of techniques if it feels appropriate and depending on what is required at each stage and for each person.

As well as considering what may be in your way to living the full life you want, we may consider strengths you already have. Therapy can be a process of discovery, an opportunity to take time out from your usual life to explore and journey deeper, to find creative ways to approach things not previously considered as well as for times of crisis and difficulty.

I have studied and am qualified in various complementary therapies and healing techniques. I have a particular interest in how body, mind and emotions impact on one another and in how the body, at times, may be trying to express something perhaps not possible in other ways.

I am also very interested in how our identity is shaped not just by our pasts and by spiritual aspects to our being but by the cultures and values we are brought up in and live within. These experiences can be crucial to how we view ourselves in the world and our place in it.

I also have broad experience and interest in many aspects of the therapeutic journey e.g. working with the inner critic and the wounded child, loss of meaning, being in transition, spirituality and sexuality, low self-esteem and all relationship issues - both those with others and those between different aspects of ourselves.

I am very interested in our relationship with the 'more than human and the other than human' - our wild natures - how we may have felt 'domesticated', and how to allow more of our wildness - maybe even having sessions outdoors.

"It is our so called weaknesses and vulnerabilities that link us with our deeper selves and with each other and not our so called strengths; which merely make us independent".

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